Video Premiere: Paramore, ‘Now’ + ‘MTV First: Paramore’ Interview

Paramore's ready to hug it out in the explosive "Now" video.

"Lost the battle, win the war," Hayley Williams sings as she preps for all-out combat in Paramore's "Now" video, premiering tonight on "MTV First: Paramore." We thought we'd witnessed some pretty epic laser tag matches in our day, but this is the real thing -- Hayley, Jeremy Davis, and Taylor York are rock refugees among soldiers battling their way through a smoke-filled field.

Watch Paramore's "Now" video and exclusive "MTV First: Paramore" interview with the band!

The "Now" video opens with Hayley and a steely-eyed villain facing off across a field, birds chirping and fog rising from the grass until a grenade obliterates the peaceful scene. It's not quite sci-fi, though Hayley's rocking her best "Fifth Element" bangs.

Luckily, the explosive conflict ends thanks to the ultimate healing power of a Hayley hug. Now that's the future we wanted. Maybe after Paramore's next album drops, we can ask the President to appoint her to be Secretary of Jams. Not that Paramore doesn't have enough on its plate: the band's self-titled fourth album is due April 9, and they're already out on tour. WE, on the other hand, are already lining up outside the iTunes store in anticipation of the album's release, which is way easier than Best Buy because it's on our computers and we can take bathroom breaks. C'mon, April!

+ Watch Paramore's "Now" video and "MTV First: Paramore" exclusive interview.

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