Video Premiere: Paul van Dyk, ‘Eternity’

A lot's changed in the electronic scene since Paul van Dyk's 2007 album In Between, but the legendary DJ's still light-years ahead of the competition. He heads for outer space in the video for "Eternity," the new single from Evolution -- his first studio album in five years. The visuals find the producer getting his sci-fi on, zooming through a vintage arcade game into an impressive world of cinematic references. Spacesuit-clad hero? Check. Primitive humanoids with great hair? Check? Possible Sith Lord? Yup. Four minutes isn't nearly enough -- can we get this on Netflix Insant yet?

Watch Paul van Dyk's "Eternity" video after the jump.

The track gets some big-hearted vocals from Owl City's Adam Young, who borrows a page from Coldplay and sings about "the smallest drop in the ocean/ can start a wave of emotion" before name-dropping our favorite Frank Sinatra movie on the hook. ("From Here to Eternity," which also is not on Netflix Instant yet. Tears.) Eternity sounds like about how long you'll want to keep this on your iPhone: The blinking four-on-the-floor beat strikes a balance between Young's breathy vocals and dance floor electricity, with the drums dropping out for the chorus before climbing back into the mix for a rave-y explosion.

Evolution drops on April 3, which gives us just enough time to finish watching "Star Trek: The Next Generation" before we bump this all the way to Coachella.

+ Watch Paul van Dyk's "Eternity" video.

Photo credit: Christoph Köstlin Fotografie

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