Video Premiere: Shiny Toy Guns, ‘Somewhere To Hide’

Shiny Toy Guns go down the rabbit hole in their new "Somewhere To Hide" video.

After a four-year hiatus, synth-pop outfit Shiny Toy Guns' road to reconciliation hasn't exactly been smooth. Y'all may have noticed that the band's lineup has changed a bit over the course of their decade-long career -- like, for instance, the band's lead singer Carah Faye Charnow has returned to the fold for the band's third album, having taken over for their last vocalist Sisely Treasure, who was on 2008's Season of Poison. (Fun fact: Carah isn't even STG's first vocalist -- she took over for Ursula Vari in the early aughts!) Now, fresh from releasing their new album III in October 2012, the group has just unveiled the video for their darkly upbeat track "Somewhere To Hide."

Watch Shiny Toy Guns' "Somewhere To Hide" video after the jump.

Opening with Shiny Toy Guns performing on a dark, metallic stage, Carah is seen rocking a very Ellie Goulding-friendly shaved 'do as she leads the band in song (they're all playing sick see-through instruments, btw -- like, imagine if a bass resembled a princess phone-style). Carah then makes her way down a mysterious "Alice In Wonderland"-esque tunnel with a mysterious TDH (tall, dark, handsome) guy, and we see her running through a field of daisies as a stormy sky hangs overhead. The video only gets darker from there as Carah and her suitor, both wrapped in gothy capes, finally meet, and proceed shots. Or throw back a magical elixir (we're going with the elixir thing). For a minute it looks like Carah and guy will embrace, but instead they fall down, either from being overwhelemed at the sight of each other, or maybe that shot of somethin' proved too much for them to handle. Guys, if we spent four years out of the game, we'd probably be lightweights too! Don't worry, Carah -- it's like riding a bike (except please don't ride a bike under the influence of magical elixir).

+ Watch Shiny Toy Guns' "Somewhere To Hide" video.

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