Video Premiere: Sir Michael Rocks Featuring Casey Veggies And Mac Miller, ‘Great’

Sir Michael Rocks and friends judge some scantily-clad ladies' cannonball techniques in his latest video.

Sir Michael Rocks, when he's not at his day job with The Cool Kids, has to stay hungry in the rap game. If "hungry" means having pool parties with Mac Miller and Casey Veggies, then I am seriously starving. Off of his most recent mixtape Lap Of Lux, "Great" is a song where Mikey, Mac, and Casey are like "American Idol" judges -- if "American Idol" were a show about ladies jumping into the pool in teeny bathing suits. Some guys just have all the luck -- their job definitely sounds better than my high school gig at the local sandwich joint!

Watch Sir Michael Rocks featuring Casey Veggies and Mac Miller's "Great" video after the jump.

Mikey recently spoke to MTV News about recording the song and said it was one of his favorite tracks off his mixtape, Lap Of Lux. When asked why he doesn't necessarily want to get with "dimes" (aka "10's), Mikey replied, "When you start dealing with the 10's, you start dealing with a lot of maintenance, a lot of requirements, but I think at the level we're at right now, a strong 8, that's probably the most level you want to deal with so you can have fun." Novel concept, Mikey. See, he doesn't want someone to be perfect, just "Great." That's a fair compromise! Though on second thought, if a "requirement" means always being ready to throw down at a pool party, well, that doesn't sound so bad to us.

+ Watch Sir Michael Rocks featuring Casey Veggies and Mac Miller's "Great" video.

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