Video Premiere: Wolfgang Gartner, ‘Redline’

After teaming up for an unlikely collaboration with Mick Jagger and on "Go Home" back in January, House DJ/producer Wolfgang Gartner has returned just in time for summer to unleash a brand-new dance floor anthem. And this time, he's seriously pushing the pedal to the metal. In fact, he's redlining his way all the way to the animated form.

Watch Wolfgang Gartner's "Redline" video after the jump.

The 3-D-animated clip -- which was directed by Eric Damier and took a team led by animator Jose Cuerbo more than 12 days to create -- was crafted entirely around the song's massive beat. "We played the song over a hundred times to make the vision for the music video and the song align perfectly," the crew explained. The result? Well, it's a little bit "Wizard Of Oz" (Follow the black paved road? Those creepy ravers? Emerald City?) mixed with the adorably cartoonish quality of "The Powerpuff Girls" (and I mean this is the absolute best way possible) -- all soundtracked by the pulverizing beats of a true House dance floor aficionado.

Make sure to watch until the end of the clip, because everything's not quite what it seems. Was it all a dream? I can't be quite sure, but what I do know is if that's what Wolfgang Gartner's dreams are really like, I'm going to have to "Inception" him one night and live there forever.

+ Watch Wolfgang Gartner's "Redline" video.

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