Wait, Remember That Time Jared Leto And Bruno Mars Were Morphing Into Each Other? (PHOTO)

Bruno Mars and Jared Leto are hair twinsies!

OK, so we know that the Grammys were like, 1 billion months ago, and so were the 2011 GQ Man Of The Year awards, but you know what? We just happen to be lucky enough to get paid for sitting around/researching photos of Bruno Mars and Jared Leto all day, and we TOTALLY just now realized that they TOTALLY had the EXACT same hair at either event (Jared Leto at the GQ awards and Bruno Mars at last year's Grammys, specifically). Here’s photographic proof!

Here's how we arrived at this realization: It was just a regular day, we were hangin' out, enjoying a sandwich, looking at pictures of Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano, which led to pictures of Jared Leto's beard, which led to pictures of Jared Leto's cross-dressing for a movie role (who can explain where internet journeys take us?!), when we discovered a photo of Jared's magnificent hairdo at the 2011 GQ Man Of The Year Awards. It was at this point we remembered that we'd recently seen Bruno Mars with the EXACT SAME 'DO at last year's Grammys! And now we've decided to spend the rest of the day trying to decide who wore it best, as the gossip mags say. Our vote goes to Bruno (Jared's is just a touch too voluminous/bordering on 'fro), but then again, we know Jared's hair is prone to getting a little out of sorts every now and then. And whenever we're feeling sad about Jared's hair, we tend to start right back where the circle began with more Jordan Catalano pictures.

Photo credit: Dan MacMedan/Marco Prosch, WireImage/ Getty Images Entertainment

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