‘Walking Dead’ Producers Preview Season Three

'You haven't seen anything yet,' Robert Kirkman tells MTV News about show's future.
By Josh Wigler, with reporting by Kara Warner

Andrew Lincoln in "The Walking Dead"
Photo: AMC

"We're all infected," former cop Rick Grimes told his fellow group of survivors in the "Walking Dead" season finale — and boy, is that an understatement.

In an action-packed episode that killed off multiple characters in brutal fashion, left the divisive farm completely in ruins, introduced a fan-favorite sword-wielding wanderer and teased the promise of a prison to come, it's safe to say that the "Walking Dead" season two finale left fans feverish for more.

The AMC zombie series, which returns for its third season in October, answered long-term mythological questions (The content of the CDC's Dr. Jenner's whisper? No longer a secret!) and pushed the characters into new places, both physically and emotionally. Perhaps most importantly for fans of the comic books, "The Walking Dead" has left the farm behind, with the prison very much in the near future.

Between that change of scenery and the introduction of iconic character Michonne (with chained zombies in tow no less), season three is shaping up to be the best of the lot — a notion that executive producers Glen Mazzara and Robert Kirkman certainly agree with, of course.

"When I think of 'The Walking Dead' book, I think about the prison. I think about the Governor. I think about Rick. I think about Michonne. That, to me, is the heart of that story," Mazzara told MTV News about the future of the survival horror series. "That's what I'm excited about writing and seeing come to life. I think that this has been a great chapter one. But now we're moving into our best material. I'm really excited to see what the actors, the writers and the directors can do with that material."

Kirkman, who created the comic books upon which the TV show is based, is equally excited, if not more so, to revisit "the best material" of the original "Walking Dead" story.

"When the camera rises over the trees and the prison comes into view, I did get a little choked up," Kirkman confessed. "It's a really cool, very bold promise to the audience. To show that and to say, just wait until you see what we're going to do with season three. I'm intimately involved with this show. So knowing what we've already discussed and knowing the different things that we want to do, I can say that we are at the very beginning of this show. We haven't quite gotten to a lot of the big things we've been building to just yet. If you're a big fan of 'The Walking Dead' and you enjoyed season one and season two, then you haven't seen anything yet."

"We're just getting started," Mazzara agreed. After the season two finale, we're inclined to agree.

What did you think of the "Walking Dead" season finale? Are you looking forward to what comes next in season three? Tell us what you think in the comments section!

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