Watch 18-Year-Old Katy Perry’s Home Movie In This Exclusive ‘Part Of Me’ Movie Clip

Before the the endless No. 1 singles, the Elmo incident, before her high-profile relationship with Russell Brand, before the lights, camera and the paparazzi, before she became one of the most bankable pop stars on the planet, Katy Perry was just like you and me -- not famous, and hanging out on her living room floor with her family.

In this 2012 MTV Movie Awards exclusive sneak peek of her upcoming concert film, "Katy Perry: Part Of Me," we get a never-before-seen look at an 18-year-old Katy Perry in 2004, when a fresh-faced girl who still went by Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson asks her mother if she'll watch her when she's on MTV one day. (I probably don't have to point out the irony of watching Katy Perry ask her mother if she'll watch her on MTV... on MTV.)

"I'm not gonna watch you if you have your clothes off," her mother replied. Little did she know, six years later, her daughter would appear completely naked on a cotton candy cloud on the cover of her Teenage Dream album, which would contain five No. 1 songs, making Katy Perry the second artist after Michael Jackson to rack up that many No. 1 songs from the same album after Michael Jackson did it with Bad. Katy Perry would go on to receive 18 VMA nominations with three wins, including Video Of The Year award at the 2011 MTV VMAs for her inspiring "Firework" video (in which she appeared 100 percent clothed). I'm guessing her mom probably tuned in that night.

+ Watch Katy Perry at age 18 in a home video featuring her family, and don't miss "Katy Perry: Part Of Me" when it premieres July 5.

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