Watch 3OH!3 Record Their Brand-New Song, ‘YOUNGBLOOD’ (VIDEO)

3OH!3 take us behind the scenes of recording their new song "YOUNGBLOOD."

Haven't you always kinda wondered what it'd be like to hit up the studio with 3OH!3? These bros know how to party, so you'd be forgiven for expecting a carousel of chicks, dranks, and chicks dranking. Well, we're here to disabuse you of those notions with a behind-the-scenes video of the band recording their new song "YOUNGBLOOD" in Nat's basement, and there's not even a glimmer of party in sight.

Watch 30H!3 record "YOUNGBLOOD" after the jump.

"YOUNGBLOOD" will be featured on 3OH!3's next album, Omens, set for a 2013 release and on the new MTV show "Underemployed." And while we love classic 3OH!3 party jamz like "My First Kiss," "YOUNGBLOOD" marks a new sonic path for the boys -- it's still sparkling electro-pop but Sean and Nat have embraced a more melodic, mature sound (think more Killers meets Imagine Dragons than Breathe Carolina meets LMFAO).

3OH!3's Nat explains this exclusive look at their recording process: "We did it just like we used to, back in 2004. In my basement in Boulder, Colorado, just the two of us. S*** got weird, s*** got heavy, and most important, we had a whole lotta fun. Sean's dog even graced our first writing session with a steamy dump on my studio carpet -- always a good OMEN. And now, we're ready to get back to it full force. To play shows all over the place. To see smiling faces and smile right back all over the world. We can't wait."

+ Watch 3OH!3 record "YOUNGBLOOD," and download "YOUNGBLOOD" on iTunes.

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