Watch (And Cry Over) Macklemore And Ryan Lewis’ ‘Same Love’ Video, Featuring Mary Lambert (VIDEO)

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (featuring Mary Lambert) release a stunningly beautiful video for "Same Love."

In the months following Frank Ocean's sexual revelation, big names in hip-hop and R&B have chimed in with their support -- Beyoncé wrote a poignant poem about Frank's courage, Tyler The Creator gave a shout-out to the crooner, 50 Cent called Ocean haters "idiots," and the massive success of Ocean's Channel Orange album proves that fans will adore and support him no matter what his sexual orientation. In fact, Frank is one of many stars who have shown that, in the words of advice columnist Dan Savage, "It Gets Better."

But hip-hop hasn't always been so supportive of alternative lifestyles -- rapper Snoop Dogg recently admitted, "When I was growing up, you could never do that and announce that. There would be so much scrutiny and hate and negativity, and no one would step (forward) to support you because that’s what we were brainwashed and trained to know." Now the genre has evolved into a legion of LGBT support as proven in Seattle-based rapper Macklemore's recent rap track and music video, "Same Love," a song that proudly supports equality and same-sex marriage.

Watch Macklemore's and Ryan Lewis' (Featuring Mary Lambert) music video for "Same Love" after the jump.

Produced by Ryan Lewis and featuring Seattle-based singer-songwriter Mary Lambert, "Same Love" follows a gay man's life in seven minutes -- from birth to struggles with his family and identity conflicts, to finding the love of his life and eventually marrying him (resulting in one of the most tear-jerking ceremonies/parties we've ever seen). And while we are hypnotized by the strength of the video's visuals, the song's verses are equally powerful and drive home the message that same-sex couples deserve to remain equal: "Human rights for everybody/ There is no difference/ Live on! And be yourself!" Mary Lambert's vocals gently sway into the chorus, and help to make the moment that much more memorable. And as someone who is marrying his partner in little under a year, the poetic empowerment that comes with this song couldn't be anymore timely for me and for all those in the LGBT community wanting the right to legally seal the deal with their loved ones.

While Macklemore himself isn't gay, he's announced how necessary it is for hip-hop culture to embrace and support same-sex marriage. Mackelmore has also encouraged others to join in the fight for equality on his blog: "This song is a humble submission to help bring this conversation to the surface, so that we can reflect on the language we use, and how powerful it can be." Perhaps this song really can change the tune of equality for all.

"Same Love" can be found on Mackelmore's and Ryan Lewis' debut album, The Heist.

+ Watch Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' (Featuring Mary Lambert) "Same Love" video.

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