Watch Eve 6’s ‘Buzzworthy Live’ Acoustic Performance Of ‘Victoria’ (VIDEO)

Eve 6 strip down 'Victoria' for 'Buzzworthy Live.'

Not only was my 16-year-old self pumped when Eve 6 stopped by our studios to perform for us recently, but my present-day self was also pretty excited. The SoCal trio paid us a visit recently to perform a stripped-down, acoustic version of their single, "Victoria," off of their latest album, Speak In Code. And again, like in their 1998 breakthrough hit, "Inside Out," the guys fell victim to a female antagonist who's more trouble than she's worth. And this time she's leading them to drink.

Watch Eve 6's "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance of "Victoria" after the jump.

Singer Max Collins didn't hold back any angst for Eve 6's acoustic rendition of their single. You can practically see him plotting revenge as he sings about Victoria, who's the type of shady lady capable of the following: "She's doing body shots off Italian guys in Mexico/ I'm all alone/ She's dancing with a vampire to bilingual disco/ I'm all alone." But Max knows just what will take the edge off: Tequila! (Atta boy.) As bandmates Jon and Tony strum along, we get the feeling we never want Eve 6 to write a song about us -- especially since they're naming names.

Speak In Code, Eve 6's fourth full-length album, is out now on Fearless Records.

+ Watch Eve 6's "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance of "Victoria."

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