Watch Grimes’ ‘PUSH Live’ Performance Of ‘Genesis’ (VIDEO)

Following the uproarious six-piece performance by Of Monsters and Men, our next exclusive "PUSH Live" performance comes from laptop savant Grimes. The Canadian creator, born Claire Boucher, earned permanent placement on our iPod with this year's much-acclaimed album Visions (and permanent placement in our RSS feed with her irreverent Tumblr).

The envelope-pushing multi-talent  -- music, visual art, fashion and explicit jewelry (look up her line of rings) -- earned a Most Innovative Artist nomination at the upcoming O Music Awards (she'll join the Flaming Lips on a record-breaking road trip on June 27 as part of the awards), and it's easy to see why in this exclusive PUSH Live performance of "Genesis" below. Exploring the darker side of electronic music, Grimes combines synthesizer sounds and sleek samples with her own ghostly but arresting vocals -- it's like dance music for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Or maybe "Twilight" -- we can totally see Kristen Stewart getting down to this.

+ Watch Grimes' "PUSH Live" performance of "Genesis," and get Grimes' tour dates.


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