Watch Justin Bieber, The Wanted Perform At The Billboard Music Awards (VIDEO)

Brace yourselves, y'all, because we're about to discuss Justin Bieber and The Wanted at the SAME TIME! Both of these powerhouse artists performed at last night's Billboard Music Awards, and they both effing killed it. Yo Billboard, is there any way you can have the Billboard Music Awards every Sunday? It might devalue the legitimacy of the awards a bit, but these performances weren't enough! MOAR PLZ.

+ Watch Justin Bieber and The Wanted's Billboard Music Awards performances after the jump. 

The Wanted performed at the top of the show, and unsurprisingly, the handsome Brits were full of energy. Wearing subtly coordinated outfits like the responsible boy band they are, the dudes opened with their smash "Chasing The Sun." Just as viewers thought their performance was coming to a close, the The Wanted transitioned into their other smash, "Glad You Came." We're pretty sure The Wanted's attempted U.S. takeover is now complete, and they may take their place as bona fide international superstars.

We got a preview of Justin Bieber's Billboard Music Awards performance last week, and HOLY EVERYTHING, the dude seriously brought it. We knew that Justin upped his dancing ante when we saw him slay his performance of "Boyfriend" on "The Voice," but at his Billboard performance Justin took things to a whole new level. Wearing some kind of white/neon outer space ensemble (we ain't mad at it), JB got down and dirty on his rap verse before jumping into some seriously slick choreography. JB didn't miss a beat (literally), and even though it kind of sounded like there were some sound level issues, the Biebs carried on like a pro. Well done, bro, because everything you do is literally perfect.

+ Watch Justin Bieber's performance of "Boyfriend" and The Wanted's performance of "Chasing The Sun" and "Glad You Came" at the Billboard Music Awards.  

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