Watch Justin Bieber’s Latest ‘Boyfriend’ Video Teaser!

Watch Justin Bieber's latest 'Boyfriend' video teaser.

It was a big night for Justin Bieber on last night's "The Voice." Not only did he reveal that his album, Believe, will be released June 19, but he also released his fourth "Boyfriend" video teaser. Sure, this teaser was a little bit longer than the other three, but I still think it's pretty rude of JB to make us wait this long for the full version of the video. But I guess the bottom line is that he's famous and I'm just me, so I probably have no say in the matter.

Watch Justin Bieber's latest "Boyfriend" video teaser after the jump.

In the latest teaser, we see stills from all three previous clips come together to make a bit more sense. We see an extended version of the scene where tons of female hands rise from the ground to caress Justin (OMG), and we get a bit more of JB's Michael Jackson moment which shows him doing signature MJ moves against the backdrop of the moon. But we also got a ton of new footage -- most notably some super-mature shots of JB looking like a total boss and getting up close and personal with a female dancer while almost kissing her/whispering sweet nothings in her ear (!!!). After he flirts with some more chicks, Justin grabs his guitar, strums a few bars and looks longingly back into the camera, making Beliebers worldwide pass out. Seriously praying that the full-length comes out soon since I have neither the mental nor physical capacity to make it through teaser five.

+  Watch Justin Bieber's latest "Boyfriend" video teaser.

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