Watch MGK Do The Pee-Pee Dance Before Tonight’s ‘Hip Hop Squares’ (VIDEO)

MGK REALLY has to goooooo...

We know (and love) how MGK has what some would call a "nonchalant" sense of humor. Some might even call it "cavalier." We loved watching him "prepare" (aka iron) us a grilled cheese sandwich for an after-school snack during a recent visit to Buzzworthy ('cause everybody gets hungry sometimes), and now we're giggling like crazy over this clip of MGK doing the "I have to pee!!" dance on the set of Hip Hop Squares. Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go!

Watch a sneak peek of tonight's "Hip Hop Squares" featuring MGK on MTV2 after the jump.

In the clip we see Machine Gun Kelly ask "Squares"'s host Peter Rosenberg if he can use the little boy's room before running off set to, yep, find a bathroom, but not before saying, "Hey ya'll, I'll go in the garbage bin, man, I don't care." Guess he was serious! And we totally just got a glimpse of what MGK must have been like in elementary school. That just goes to show: Our moms were right when they said to go to the bathroom before leaving the house!! This seems to have set the tone for the show's next trivia question, "You're in Hawaii, and you've just been served a platter of 'pupu.' What course of the meal are you eating?" Guess we'll have to wait and see what the answer is... Hope MGK makes it back in time! Otherwise, that'd be a pretty crappy turn of events. (WE HAD TO.)

+ Watch a sneak peek of tonight's "Hip Hop Squares" featuring MGK on MTV2, and watch the full episode tonight at 11 p.m. ET on MTV2.

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