Watch Neon Hitch Bust Out An Acoustic Version Of ‘Gold’ In Central Park (VIDEO)

Neon Hitch hit up NYC's Central Park to perform an acoustic rendition of her smash record, "Gold."

We love a sparking pop record as much as the next music kid, but we love it even more when pop stars are brave enough to step out of the studio and and swap auto-tune and reverb for JUST PLAIN OLE' SINGING. Lucky for us, Neon Hitch has just done that very thing with an acoustic, no-frills rendition of her Tyga-assisted and Claude Kelly-co written record, "Gold."

Watch Neon Hitch sing an acoustic version of  "Gold" after the jump.

Pardon us, but did we say "no-frills"? Well, maybe there were a few frills present -- Neon Hitch performed alongside Rahzel (of The Roots) who lent his beat box stylings to the mix (shouts to "If Your Mother Only Knew") and strings duo Black Violin. Shot in Central Park just before Superstorm Sandy hit, Neon and her vibrant red hair plopped her posse right in the middle of Central Park's vast greenery to deliver a totally raw rendition of her hit. Yeah, obvi we are super into this, but we have one more request: Can "Love You Betta" be next? That's THE JAM.

+ Watch Neon Hitch's acoustic performance of "Gold."

Photo credit: Warner Bros. Records

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