Watch Tommy & The High Pilots’ Acoustic ‘Buzzworthy Live’ Performance Of ‘Where To Start’ (VIDEO)

Tommy of Tommy & The High Pilots is practically FORCING us to fall in love with him.

You know what we mainly really love about Tommy of folksy Santa Barbara indie-pop act Tommy & The High Pilots? Everything. Of particular note: the perfectly popped plaid collar that sits right alongside the ridge of what's likely his vintage wool sweater. The strategically coiffed wisp of hair that covers just enough of his eye to appear mysterious yet inviting. But, in the interest of not sounding shallow (probably too late, since we are shallow but well meaning), we'll add this exclusive "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic version of "Where To Start" to that list.

Watch Tommy  & The High Pilots' "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance of "Where To Start" after the jump. 

Tommy stopped by Buzzworthy to record a heart-wrenching version of the Tommy & The High Pilots' song "Where To Start." (Mumford & Sons and Beirut fans, PAY ATTENTION.) Armed with only his voice and a guitar, Tommy's timeless, vibrato-leaning vocals were in full effect, giving his emotional lyrics an even greater canvas upon which to shine: "I'm riding the train/With every hopeless wannabe/And pickin' my brain/Procrastinatin' destinations/Out in the rain/'Cause I don't know where to start." OH, WAIT, I know. How about you start by dating me? I'll even pay. (Did I say too much again? I probably did.)

Watch Tommy of Tommy & The High Pilots' "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance of "Where To Start." 

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