We Also Liked Tupac When He Was Not A Hologram (PHOTOS)

I have to be honest -- I'm a little afraid that this whole Tupac-as-a-hologram thing that went down at Coachella is like, going to tarnish Tupac's legacy forever. Instead of remembering Pac as this prolific, game-changing rapper, people are gonna be like, "Yo, remember when he was a hologram?" I know I should maybe relax about it because it was just a live performance stunt, but now they're talking about taking this thing on the road. Call me crazy, but I forever wanted to picture Tupac rollin' around hip-hop heaven, not as some scrambly science experiment.

We just wanted to remind you guys that Tupac was once a real human... with emotions and sick abs and a nose ring. So here are some of our fave photos of the real Tupac. Hey, maybe you can even print them out and tape them to your real wall (and not your Facebook wall). My Strange Addiction: I Miss The '90s.

See more photos of the real Tupac after the jump.

As a human, Tupac had even more stage presence than his hologram. He also had a beeper. 080808. (That's "hugs and kisses" in pager code.)

We'll just leave this photo of Pac, MC Hammer, and a young Snoop Dogg (back when there was a "Doggy" in his name) here for your viewing pleasure. Gold chain mafia forever.

Credit all photos: Getty Images

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