We Came As Romans Might Not ‘Fade Away,’ But They WILL Defy Gravity In Their New Video

Watch We Came As Romans' "Fade Away" video.

We Came As Romans are light as a feather, stiff as a board in their “Fade Away” video.

Sometimes your favorite songs make you feel like you’re floating on air. That’s particularly true of bands like metal-core heroes We Came As Romans, being as adept as they are with breakdowns leading into cathartic drops. This time around, however, the band takes that “floating on air” concept literally in their new video for “Fade Away.”

Watch We Came As Romans’ “Fade Away” video after the jump.

In the high-concept video, taken from their recent Tracing Back Roots record, the Detroit screamers finally break free of that oppressive, yet moodily appointed warehouse practice space last seen in their “Hope” video. The world outside in this clip — directed by Rasa Acharya and Dan Kennedy — is even more confusing: Vocalist Dave Stephens races through a series of mysterious doors that end up being portals to other settings. One door leads underneath the ocean, and another to a spooky forest where the rest of the band are sprawled out, suspended in midair.

“Having the whole band involved in the storyline was something we had never done before, and we’re all very pleased with how it came out,” Stephens said in a release. “It was also really awesome and different for us to do a video with so many special effects. We had a blast making it and it’s always a pleasure to work with Dan and Rasa. This is my favorite video we’ve ever done.”

It looks like it was fun, too, aside from the fact that “Fade Away” is a little “The Craft”/”Light as a feather, stiff as a board” creepy. In the video, as in the song, which is a declaration of brotherly love, it’s friendship that saves the day.

“However long it takes, I will never break/ Whatever path we take, I won’t fade away,” Kyle Pavone sings in ascendant clean vocals that blend with Stephens’ growls. Just a couple of bros having each other’s backs. That’s what it’s all about. Gotta love #friendcore.

+ Watch We Came As Romans’ “Fade Away” video.

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