We’re Not Totally OK With Shia LaBeouf’s Naked Sigur Ros Video

Shia LaBeouf and Denna Thompson are really good at naked interpretive dance.

Sigur Rós' "Fjögur Píanó" is a beautiful, somber, and vocal-less piano melody that truly haunts you to the core. Wanna know what else haunts us? The "Fjögur Píanó" piano video. Or, what we like to call "The Naked Shia LaBeouf  Show!" Or, what we also like to call "Shia In The Buff." (GET IT?) Because he is naked a lot, and there is a FULL FRONTAL. Yep, you actually see some stuff. And guess what? I'm actually not full-frontally OK with Shia LaBeouf naked in this context and capacity. Here's why.

The video, directed by Alma Har'el, consists primarily of Shia and model Denna Thomsen doing naked interpretive dance in between some intense moments of heavy petting (ew, I said "heavy petting"). Now, normally I'm not one to scoff at a little nudity before noon (plus, I've had a crush on Shia ever since he kissed Amy Smart in "The Battle Of Shaker Heights"). And it definitely takes balls -- which we can plainly see -- to strip down in front of the whole internet. But sadly, while all of this is going down, Shia is wearing some unfortunate-looking baggy undies, which really kills the vibe. It's like, if you want us to stare at Shia's ass (and happily, we will!), then at least put him in some well-fitting briefs! Boxer briefs, ideally.

Read more about Shia LaBeouf's naked Sigur Rós video after the jump.

We're also not so keen on Shia's rage issues in the video, but perhaps they stem from the fact that the director asked him to wear a women's fur shrug? It's no excuse for lashing out, but that's a fashion choice enough to make anyone a little testy. There's also the matter of him looking a little Charles Manson-y (the rage issues don't help), and the unabashedly naked bawling. Not a good look, my friend. NAGL.

Overall, I support the idea of naked Shia, but in an ideal world, he'd be wearing some underwear that actually fit, he'd ditch the Lady Gaga shrug and I'd be cast at the lead.

+ Watch Shia LaBeouf in Sigur Rós' "Fjögur Píanó" video (Warning: NSFW)

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