Wiz Khalifa Parties Hard During His Performance Of ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ At The 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Wiz Khalifa's performance of his O.N.I.F.C. single "Work Hard Play Hard" at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards was inspired by real life events... kind of. Actually, it was inspired by "Project X," the "found-footage" film that's been the cause of real (sometimes dangerous) house parties all over the country. What better place to B.Y.O.S (bring your own Solo cup) than the Movie Awards, right?

Wiz Khalifa's first step for throwing a proper shindig: Take the stage in shades and seriously baggy jeans, go H.A.M. on your track, and teach the audience how to ball out: "The bigger the bill, the harder you ball/ Well I'm throwing mine, cause my money long." Step two: Invite a bunch of hot young people over and make them bring their own red cups. You supply the tunes (and the Aerosmith-esque scarf-covered mic stand), they'll supply the dancing. And when you're done, they'll also bombard your stage with a bunch of toilet paper. Way to show your appreciation, guys. See if Wiz invites you back for the next one.

+ Watch Wiz Khalifa perform "Work Hard Play Hard" at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards after the jump.

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