You NEED To Hear This Amazing Song Called ‘Mary-Kate And Ashley’!

DJ Fresh Direct pulls off the craziest sample flip inspired by the '90s most BELOVED twins.

OK, let's just get this out of the way. Kanye West and Jay-Z's "N****s In Paris" is STILL a banger. However, if you feel the song has lost even a little bit of its luster, we DEF have the cure for that, courtesy of DJ Fresh Direct. "Mary-Kate And Ashley" takes one of the best lines from the duo's Watch The Throne jam and flips it into an AH-mazing song of its own! Sometimes the gift of pairs just keep on giving: 'Ye and Jay, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Peanut Butter and Jelly. The power of two, guys.

Listen to DJ Fresh Direct's "Mary-Kate And Ashley" after the jump.

Releasing the song earlier today on SoundCloud, DJ Fresh Direct now has us thinking about all of the golden remixing opportunities within our favorite '90s pop-culture icons! TRUST, we would happily grab audio from "Saved By The Bell," "Boy Meets World," or any other of our beloved shows from the internet's favorite decade and remix them over heavy 808s beats. It sounds like Buzzworthy is ready to sponsor a mixtape with this very theme. (OK, maybe we're not, but that would be the greatest!) But at minimum, we have yet another reason to listen to Kanye West and Jay-Z. Props over here, DJ Fresh Direct.

+ Listen to DJ Fresh Direct's "Mary-Kate And Ashley."

Photo credit: YoIndie/DJ Fresh Direct

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