You Need To Watch Walk The Moon And PS22 Sing ‘I Can Lift A Car’ And ‘Tightrope’ (VIDEO)

Walk The Moon sings with PS22, and it's pretty effing cute.

PS22 have literally met more famous people than some actual celebrities! The musically inclined youngsters have already sang with Gym Class Heroes and appeared on the Academy Awards. And now they can add Song Of The Summer nominees Walk The Moon to their growing roster of celeb collaborators.

Walk The Moon stopped by PS22 to perform their songs "I Can Lift A Car" and "Tightrope." Not to say that Walk The Moon aren't amazing by themselves, but the PS kids are a totally bomb addition. Not only did they add two and three-part harmonies, but apparently they'd just learned the songs 30 minutes prior to singing them! We're not sure what kind of crazy talent serum they're putting in the chocolate milk at the school cafeteria, but whatever it is, DO NOT STOP! These tots are the absolute best, and we think it's time they released their own album. You and I both know that ish would reach platinum status faster than Lady Gaga's next single.

+ Watch Walk The Moon sing "Tightrope" and "I Can Lift A Car" with PS22

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