Young Justice 2-Pack Pre-Order Canceled

What might normally be sad news, learning that the pre-order for the Young Justice Superboy/Miss Martian 2-pack did not reach it’s goal, is softened a bit by the news of the possibility we could maybe still see them in other lines.  The following update was posted today on

Toy Fans,

Like you, we’re huge Young Justice fans. We watched the thermometer on the Miss Martian/Superboy 2-pack in the hopes we’d reach our production goal. The pre-order period was extended to 8/31 but even with the extension we didn’t hit the target so we won’t be going forward with producing the 2-pack. If you pre-ordered, look for your credit card refund in the next 7 business days.

This doesn’t mean the end of our beloved Young Justice characters! We did hear from many fans that they’d love to see these characters in other lines (like DCU 6” in comic-book style). We don’t have anything to announce right now, but we’re always looking to make the best product possible and deliver what fans want!


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