10 Things To Know Now: 98 Degrees Reunite, Selena Gomez’s New Music + Where Is Macaulay Culkin Now?

Justin Bieber's got One Direction's back and more!

1.) Did it just get warm in here, or is the news of 98 Degrees reuniting for ONE SHOW ONLY during the Mix Tape Festival also getting everyone else all hot and bothered? (MTV News)

2.) In case you're wondering when Ryan Gosling officially came into his "hunk-hood," this old-school video of him singing and dancing at a talent show when he was a youngster (in serious '90s garb!) proves the guy was actually born with it. (Uproxx)

3.) Not only is Justin Bieber nice to his fans, he also keeps an eye out on his "co-workers" like One Direction. No wonder New York City gave him his own day! (PopDust)

4.) We're already spinning over Fiona Apple's The Idler Wheel... release, but she just went and blew our damn minds with the announcement of her major U.S. tour! (Pretty Much Amazing)

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5.) In case you just can't hit the pause button while watching Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" to study her style, here's a breakdown of her video outfits. SPOILER ALERT: She looks fuh-lawless in every single one of them. (MTV Style)

6.) Debating how to purge some of your Facebook friends but just don't know how to go about it? Here's the perfect way to clean house: Start with Nickelback lovers. (BuzzFeed)

7.) Selena Gomez may be busy being a movie star, but she promises to get back to the studio and mentions possible collabos with fun. and Taylor Swift! (MTV News)

8.) Madonna's was snapped shooting her new video for "Turn Up The Radio" with a bunch of shirtless guys. We're not trying to start anything, but does anyone else kinda think she's dressed like Lady Gaga? (Entertainment Wise)

9.) Just because fun. is killing the charts with "We Are Young" and "Some Nights" doesn't mean it's all fun on tour. (We're lying; it is.) The proof is in the all-access pass to their tour bus. It's basically a college dorm room on wheels. (Spin)

10.) WTF ever happened to Macaulay Culkin? Oh, you know, he's just DJ-ing in NYC for a bunch of folks dancing in "Jurassic Park" costumes. NBD. (The Daily Beast)

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