10 Things To Know Now: Avril Covers Nickelback, Lady Gaga’s New Telephone + The Wanted Go S&M?

Avril Lavigne covers Nickelback, Gaga's "Telephone" sequel, and more in this week's 10 Things To Know Now!

1.) Avril Lavigne will cover Nickelback's (aka her fiancé Chad Kroeger's band) song "How You Remind Me" for an anime soundtrack. This is what happens when you get married, guys -- you start sharing EVERYTHING. (MTV News)

2.) Lady Gaga has confirmed she's making a "Telephone" sequel for her new ARTPOP album! No word yet on whether Beyoncé will join in for the collabo. We have a suggestion: BEYONCÉ, GET ON IT! (Idolator)

3.) The Wanted spill details on their S&M-friendly "I Found You" video. They even talk about the video's very interesting bondage scene (um, paging Christian Grey). Also, we're officially auditioning for every single music video by the boy band from now on. (MTV News)

4.) Before Bruno Mars was singing on best-selling albums, he held his share of unsuccessful jobs. In fact, Bruno had a gig DJing at a mall. Hey, it happens to all of us -- my terrible job was cleaning cages at a pet store! Same diff, right? (MTV News)

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5.) We can't stop awww-ing over a recently discovered interview of a young Ryan Gosling talking about his "Mickey Mouse Club" days. The guy had swag even as a 12-year-old wearing a denim shirt with a tie. (Huffington Post)

6.) Courtney Love recently unveiled her revamped vintage clothing line called Never The Bride. No, it's not rock star/grunge-inspired bridesmaid wear... even though we think that's an AH-MAZING idea. (MTV Style)

7.) Maroon 5 announced their U.S. tour would kick off on Feb. 13, and promised that it would be "the best show [they've] ever put on!" Anything with Adam Levine in it is already the best show, obvs. (MTV News)

8.) Check out this rare Mase and Kanye West interview filmed during a party back in 1998! 'Ye looks SOOO young! (VIBE)

9.) Nirvana's famous "Smells Like Teen Spirit" song title is now the name of a new sitcom about indie rock parents. In other news, nothing from the '90s is sacred anymore. (SPIN)

10.) Watch Adam Lambert's cameo on "Pretty Little Liars," which includes him performing "Trespassing" and "Cuckoo" while dressed like a sexy vampire. We can't think of anything more on point. (Popdust)

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