10 Things To Know Now: Did Justin Propose To Selena + One Direction In Love, Gaga’s New Looks & More!

Did Justin Bieber propose to Selena Gomez? Find out what One Direction's looking for in love, and much more!

1.) There are a gazillion rumors going around about why Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up (still SUPER sad, BTW), but the most recent gossip: Justin proposed to Selena and she said "No." WHAAA?! (Crushable)

2.) Lady Gaga recently announced that Versace will design all of her ball gowns for her next leg of the Born This Way tour. It pays to be BFFs with a famous fashion designer -- custom couture, guys! (MTV Style)

3.) One Direction visited the "Ellen" show with their hearts on their sleeves, spilling some personal details about their love lives and what they're looking for in a relationship. BRB, grabbing a pen to take some very diligent notes. (MTV News)

4.) Eminem's solo album (dropping in 2013) is still in the works, but you can tide yourself over with this behind-the-scenes look at the filming of Marshall Mathers and Skylar Grey's video, "C'mon Let Me Ride." (RapFix)

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5.) Nostalgia Alert! Check out these never-before-seen photos of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain from the "Experiencing Nirvana" book that follows the band through their 1989 European tour. (Entertainment Weekly)

6.) Get the "Goodies" on Ciara as she talks about her latest singles and being single herself. (Heads up, fellas: Don't let CiCi pass you by!) (VIBE)

7.) You didn't think Madonna would be left out of the "Gangnam Style" craze, did you? Madge invitedĀ Psy on stage during a recent concert and yes, Madonna dominated the sideways horse-riding move like a pro. (MTV News)

8.) No one can be Taylor Swift (we repeat: NO ONE!), but these covers of the Red singer's hits are pretty great. (BuzzFeed)

9.) Miley Cyrus opens up about what kind of wedding dress she wants during a tea party with the SUPER cute British rapping girls Sophia Grace and Rosie. Now, can someone tell us how we can get on those little girls' guest list?! (Entertainment Wise)

10.) The Wanted added a sixth member to their group -- kinda! Check out the cute video of the Brit band performing "I Found You" with YouTube superstar Keenan Cahill. (PopCrush)

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