10 Things To Know Now: Jessica Simpson On Giving Birth, Cody Simpson Covers Jack Johnson + More!

Cody Simpson covers Jack Johnson, Beyonce announces concerts and more!

1.) In a home video, Cody Simpson plays an acoustic cover of "Taylor" by Jack Johnson. If you listen closely, you can hear the entire world swoon in unison. (andPOP)

2.) Jessica Simpson's gonna pop any day now and thinks that when her water breaks, it will be like a fire hydrant. Her words, guys, not ours. (Us Magazine)

3.) Beyoncé recently announced three concerts at Revel Hotel in Atlantic City during Memorial Day weekend! So much for taking advantage of maternity leave. (MTV News)

4.) One Direction's dapper fashion sense inspires a look back at boy-band style over the decades. Warning: Nostalgic crushes from your past will ensue. (MTV Style)

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5.) The entire "Jersey Shore" cast is on deck to teach Snooki's baby important life lessons in a series of animated shorts. In the newest clip, Vinny schools the cartoon bambino on the ABCs of fist bumping. This kid is so lucky (?). (MTV Remote Control)

6.) Motley Crue disses pop music concerts in a recent interview about their upcoming summer tour with KISS. There's even some "Rihanna, Schmianna" in the piece. Dem's fightin' words, guys. (Billboard)

7.) If the possibility of not seeing Adam Levine on television after "The Voice" ends scares you to death, don't fear: The singer's in negotiations to join the cast of "American Horror Story." (Just Jared)

8.) Rihanna has the fliest genes EVER (duh), but this photo of her chilling with her dope-ass grandparents proves that it runs in the family. (Pop Dust)

9.) The group fun. announced their new single, "Some Nights," and promise the music video will be "amazing." We just hope it's as fun as the"We Are Young" video. (MTV News)

10.) Lady Gaga says she'll avoid attention for a while (perfect example of an oxymoron) to concentrate on other things like starting a family. Mother Monster wants baby monsters of her own, guys! (BuzzFeed)

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