10 Things To Know Now: Justin Timberlake To Perform At The Grammys + Destiny’s Child Super Bowl Rumors

Justin Timberlake will perform at the 2013 Grammys, Beyonce's releasing a new fragrance, and more in this week's 10 Things To Know Now!
Justin Timberlake will perform at the 2013 Grammys and more in this week's 10 Things To Know Now!

1.) Can we all agree that Justin Timberlake should wear a "Suit & Tie" for his LIVE PERFORMANCE at the 2013 Grammys!?! This is also the part where we DIE FROM JOY. (MTV News)

2.) Beyoncé is preparing to release a brand-new fragrance called "Pulse." First, check out a video where Queen Bey takes us behind the scenes of her "Pulse" ad campaign, and second, please excuse us while we pre-order the ish out of that new scent, because maybe if we smell like her, we can BECOME her. (MTV Style)

3.) Speaking of Beyoncé, there's all this hoopla that Destiny's Child may not actually reunite at the Super Bowl!?! Michelle Williams says there's a scheduling conflict with her Broadway show "Fela!" DON'T LET US DOWN, LADIES. (RapFix)

4.)  Mindless Behavior get all kinds of "Tron"-futuristic-stylish-special-agent-like for their new All Around The World album cover. The new record officially drops March 15!  (Rap-Up)

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5.) 2013 is seriously the year for comebacks! Electronic masters Daft Punk have just announced that they'll be dropping a new album this May! Time to go shopping for a new robot helmet. (Spin)

6.) Justin Bieber's Believe Acoustic album is getting serious praise -- it even has non-Beliebers believing in his talent. I mean, obvs. We NEVER doubted. (MTV News)

7.) Rihanna chatted about new clothing line this week, saying it's for girls with "sassy personalities." We can't wait to see its debut in London during Fashion Week, but we're mostly hoping she goes easy on her favorite "leaf" pattern. (People)

8.) Now, please look at these One Direction fan fantasies shared via Twitter. Some are cute, some are random, some are just plain WEIRD. But all of them have probably crossed our mind... at least once, anyway. (BuzzFeed)

9.) Nelly has officially debuted his latest single: the girl/car-themed "Hey Porsche." How did he score such a sweet ride? Heyyy, must be the money! (Sorry, guys.) (Billboard)

10.) After owning the summer with their "Anna Sun" masterpiece, Walk The Moon is dropping their first EP, Tightrope, on March 11! (Altsounds)

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