10 Things To Know Now: Rihanna’s Body Double, Madonna Plays Nice + New One Direction Album!?

Rihanna possibly hired a body double and more!

1.) Rumors that Rihanna hired a body double for her Armani ad are stirring, but we REFUSE to believe it -- Rihanna likes getting naked waaay too much. (Vibe)

2.) Either Madonna's feeling super bad about Lady Gaga's recent head trauma, or the Queen of Pop is finally taking a much friendlier perspective on Mother Monster. She even proved it by saying super nice things about Gaga's talent! (That Grape Juice)

3.) If you've ever wondered what classic Disney songs mashed up with popular hip-hop songs would sound like, you're in luck with these very unique remixes. Warning: Your childhood memories will never be the same. (BuzzFeed)

4.) It's been a hot minute, but Celine Dion finally covered Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" and dominated it. Is anyone else dying for a potential duet between the two? Just us? (MTV Newsroom)

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5.) Wanna be sure you don't miss Santigold, The Shins and tons more at this year's Lollapalooza? You can plan your entire weekend down to the minute now that the official schedule has been released -- just block out some time to hit the bathroom. (Pretty Much Amazing)

6.) Skrillex-style hair ain't going anywhere, guys: First Ke$ha rocked the half-shaved look, and now Avril Lavigne's joining the trend. (MTV Style)

7.) If the rumor about One Direction releasing a new album before Christmas is true, we're entirely willing to give up our summer so it gets here faster (if that makes sense) -- now that's real 1Devotion. (Idolator)

8.) We love technology because bands like Smashing Pumpkins take full advantage of it and stream their new album, Oceania, online FOR FREE! (Loudwire)

9.) There are many reasons why we're obsessed with Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" -- and it's not just because Justin Bieber told us to. (MTV News)

10.) Check out our latest British invasion obsession, Saint Saviour, and her bawling-on-the-floor-in-a-ball-it's-so-beautiful cover of M83's "Midnight City." We're literally tingling with adoration. (MTV Iggy)

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