10 Things To Know Now: Selena Gomez’s Spanish Album, Jay-Z ‘s Facebook Game + Kimye Is Legit!

1.) Rihanna looks embarrassed when she gets called out by an Australian comedy duo for borrowing the line "Rum pompa pum" in her song, "Man Down." But let's face it, she's the only person in the world who could make the lyric sound legitimately cool. (Spin)

2.) In case you can't wait until the premiere of Brandy's "Behind The Music" tonight on VH1 (9 p.m. ET/8 CT), you can sneak some peeks. (VH1)

3.) Jay-Z is launching "Empire," a Facebook game that takes you to the streets of Marcy Housing in Brooklyn. When we all start getting those annoying invites to play from our FB friends, we now know who to blame. (Rap Radar)

4.) Avril Lavigne's new black bangs are super adorbz, but does anyone else think they kinda look like a spider? (MTV Style)

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5.) Gwen Stefani announced her new Japanese-inspired clothing collection for kids available at Target. Don't judge if you find us trying to squeeze into an XXL. (Just Jared)

6.) Who says "nothing's ever free"? Not Daniel Bedingfield (or us when our parents are paying). The U.K. singer is offering a free download of his Secret Fear -- Stop The Traffik EP. (Idolator)

7.) Brush up on your Español, amigos! Selena Gomez is working on new tunes for her first Spanish album, and it makes us muy feliz! (Idolator)

8.) Prepare for permanent goosebumps (it's a legit medical condition, guys). Carrie Manolakos' haunting cover of Radiohead's "Creep" will blow your mind. (Gawker)

9.) Jessica Simpson tweeted that she wants to wear a leopard caftan while giving birth. We know you're wondering, "What's a caftan?" But shouldn't we be asking more important questions: "When is that baby getting here?!" (The Superficial)

10.) Get used to hearing the"Kimye" nickname for the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian dating situation -- the pair are official. (MTV News)

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