11 Photos Of The Absolute Best Things People Wore At Hangout Fest


This is Malcom. He's from Florida, he's 22, he's wearing head-to-toe Spandex, and he confirmed that his Hangout Fest outfit is absolutely "hot as f****."

Here are my three favorite things about festivals, in this order:

1.) Live music, duh.
2.) Shameless festival eating: Fish tacos, fried shrimp basket, funnel cake, repeat until food coma is reached.

Let's focus on that third one. I'm down here in Gulf Shores, Ala., at Hangout Fest (live music, gorgeous beaches, infectiously friendly folks, and fried shrimp -- so, basically, heaven on Earth). It's day two of the fest, and in between shows like Delta Rae and Public Enemy (and tacos), my colleague Gil Kaufman and I had a chance to comb the beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores, Ala., and scout out our favorite festival-goer outfits. Actually, they weren't hard to miss because, well, you'll see why. We snapped photos of the people doing it the rightest (and, in some cases, the tightest) in the festival fashion department, stepping it up from just "bathing suit and flip-flops" to, you know, half-naked superhero with vintage Nintendo Power Glove not seen since 1989, girl honoring the Earth by wearing full Native American regalia (oooookay), and guy in a skintight spandex floral jumpsuit because WHY THE HELL NOT?


Mary and Todd are from New Orleans. they're dancers for Brassft Punk. Mary's a mummy, and Todd's wearing Speedos custom-made for Hangout. Now that's what I call commitment.


This is Leah, who dressed in a Native American headdress "because I was feelin' the Earth." As one does!


Me: "Lemme guess.  You're a Flava Flav fan."

Chris, from Maryland: "F*** YEAH!"


Grouplove fans Kate, Jacob & Keenan, who MADE Kate's cape. If there were awards for Most Fun People At Hangout Fest, they'd win it, hands down.


Jacob & Keenan have matching tattoos that say "BFF" in the "Back To The Future" font. I wasn't kidding about the Most Fun People At Hangout Fest, was I?


Dude, Jacob has a VINTAGE NINTENDO POWER GLOVE! Are you LISTENING, Kanye West? 

Check out more photos of people at Hangout Fest who put a lot of thought into their outfits after the jump, and get festival fashion tips for dressing like your favorite band at MTV Style.


Maria Sable's in the Chattanooga band Smooth Dialects. They've been playing on the beach every day and trying to get the Hangout Fest organizer's attention to get on the Hangout lineup for next year. Come on! How could you not hire a woman in grown-up Wonder Woman Underoos?


You're not allowed to bring your real dog to Hangout, so Nate Zanderzort (BEST NAME EVER!) and his wife brought a giant cutout photo of their dog, Russo. Eee! Puppies!


John from Baton Rouge turned up in a felt mad hatter hat with raccoon tail flair and purple Crocs. "I'm a trendsetter. I make my own parade, because every day's a parade." Ya bish!


Andrew's 22, he's from Russia, and he told me something about his body paint, but I was too busy thinking where those arrows were pointing. Heyo!

Photo credit: Tamar Anitai, Gil Kaufman/ MTV

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