5 Things We Know About Demi Lovato’s ‘Give Your Heart A Break’ Video

Demi Lovato's new video teaser for 'Give Your Heart A Break' is super mysterious.

Demi Lovato may have spilled the beans on what "Give Your Heart A Break" (aka the world's most perfect pop song) is about in a recent thank-you video to her fans, but she's not as revealing about the official music video for the single just yet. A 15-second preview of the forthcoming video offers us only a few tiny hints of what to expect. And the suspense is KILLING US!

Check out five things we know about Demi Lovato's "Give Your Heart A Break" video and watch a preview after the jump.

Until the full version of "Give Your Heart A Break" premieres April 2 on E!, here are a few things we know we can count on in the upcoming video:

1.) There's a shirtless dude (with nice eyebrows)!

2.) There are lots of breezy curtains. Maybe Ikea's a sponsor?

3.) The "Give Your Heart A Break" premiere date is April 2, which is now highlighted in neon yellow on all seven of our e-calendars.

4.) We already knew this, but we're adding it for quantity's sake -- Demi is SUPER pretty without any makeup on.

5.) The video's directed by Justin Francis. (See also: Alicia Keys, "No One"; Eminem, "Toy Soldiers"; Trey Songz, "Love Faces.")

Demi also shared with MTV News, "I'm basically trying to convince a guy that I didn't break his heart, and we get into a fight and I try to win him over again. So I do something special for him at the end of the song." Um, can't wait!

+ Watch a preview of Demi Lovato's "Give Your Heart A Break" video.

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