9 Extremely Illuminati GIFs From Ke$ha’s ‘Die Young’ Video

Pentagrams! Upside down crosses, animal horns a plenty, pyramids, all-seeing eyes, sexy sacrifices and other Luciferian doings and undoings!  F**king WOLVES, dude! They all can be enjoyed in Ke$ha's new "Die Young," video, which is a blatant grab at Illuminati symbolism! So fun, right? Enjoy Kulty Ke$ha in all of her overt Satanic dilettantism in these extremely fun "Die Young" GIFs, courtesy of T. Kyle MacMahon of RealityTVGIFs.com

Check out more extremely illuminati GIFs from Ke$ha's "Die Young" video after the jump!

Credit: RCA/ GIFs via T. Kyle MacMahon of RealityTVGIFs.com

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