9 Grammy Awards Collaborations We Need to See Happen IRL

Ellen DeGeneres and Beyoncé should present EVERY award together from now on.

Aside from the musical performances and the awards themselves, the best part of the Grammys HAS TO BE the unlikely, sometimes inspirational, and downright odd pairings taking place onstage. There were a lot of them this year, from Bruno Mars and Sting performing together, to Ellen Degeneres and Beyoncé teaming up to present an award. But those seem a little too, you know, believable to actually get us too excited. It's the less likely collaborations and concepts that we get truly amped about. That said, here are a few unlikely celeb collaborations the Grammy producers should seriously consider making a reality next year.

1.) Kelly Clarkson and Miranda Lambert: "I just got stuck to Miranda Lambert," Kelly Clarkson said, after winning for Best Pop Vocal Album. "There's a story in a song." That song is now a TV show, and it's called "Crazy Ex-Girlfriends," about two country-pop stars who get magically stuck together when they accidentally tell the same drunken story on stage in front of millions because they're "nervous speaking in front of people." Also, there's some sort of haunted fountain scenario going on -- we still need to sketch out the plot.

2.) Kelly Clarkson and Miguel: Failing that, let's team up Kelly Clarkson with Miguel for a song! That shouldn't be too hard either considering she's already on board. "I don't know who the hell you are, but we need to sing together. Oh my god, that was the sexiest thing I've ever seen," she said to the sultry crooner. We agree -- WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE MAKE THAT HAPPEN?

3.) LL Cool J and Twitter: That's all, really. Just an endless live feed of LL Cool J on Twitter. What's he tweeting now!? LOL. He just checked his @connect button. You're telling me you wouldn't watch that?

4.) Dave Grohl and "NCIS"' Pauley Perette fighting crime: Setting aside the fact that Dave Grohl's co-presenter Perette, aka the adorkable goth babe from "NCIS," was giving us some young Courtney Love vibes, or maybe because of that, we need to see these two paired up onscreen fast. "NCIS" is set in Grohl's old stomping grounds of Washington, D.C., after all. Here's a plot: Let's say Grohl goes undercover, wears a comical fake mustache on top of his comical actual mustache, and is investigating a series of rock and roll-related crimes (like, say, a cold case involving the resurrection of a beloved rock band that precious online nerds are mad about), and Perette, a secret fan of Grohl's, has to pretend she doesn't know who the team's new recruit is or else she'll blow his cover. Hilarity, and lots of gross black light revelations in seedy hotel rooms, ensue. Guest starring Pat Smear as Lieutenant Smear.

Read more Grammy collabos we need to see happen IRL after the jump.

5.) Rihanna and a 1000 cameras from every angle all the time: What? She's really pretty!

6.) Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, and The-Dream go to a swap meet: "I'd like to thank the swap meet for his hat," a nattily dressed Jay-Z said after a heartfelt speech from the more, uh, underdressed The-Dream. LET'S GO FILM THAT NOW. Macklemore isn't invited, though. OK, fine, he can come, but only because he probably knows where the best deals are at.

7.) Ellen DeGeneres and Beyoncé just standing there: "Where are we?" "Is this real life?"

8.) Lena Dunham goes to award shows: This one's pretty much like it sounds. It doesn't matter if boyfriend Jack Antonoff from fun. is nominated for anything -- we just want to see, and more importantly, hear Lena's reactions to everything going on in the crowd. Actually, switch this to "Hannah Horvath Goes to Awards Shows," because that sounds like it has a lotttt more potential for awk-ballsitude.

9.) Bruno Mars and Sting: It's no secret that Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of Heaven" was, how do we put this, "influenced" by Sting and The Police. Henceforth, it is decreed that we should make a reality show where everyone who is that heavily "influenced" by someone else has to perform the song with him or her in front of the entire class to show he's sorry. Kidding (not kidding).

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