Adam Sandler’s ‘That’s My Boy’ A ‘Dream Come True’ For Cast

Andy Samberg, Ciara and crew weigh in on teaming up for a Sandler comedy, during Movie Awards Sneak Peek Week.
By Josh Wigler, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

The cast of "That's My Boy"
Photo: MTV News

Whether he's going back to school, tapping in golf balls or hanging out with his fellow grown-ups, Adam Sandler knows how to bring the laughs. He's especially hilarious when he's allowed to deliver his fair share of F-bombs, which he does rather liberally in "That's My Boy," his new comedy about a disgraced father — that's Sandler — trying to reconnect with his son, played by "Saturday Night Live" comedian Andy Samberg.

It's a ridiculous premise, sure; Sandler's only 12 years older than Samberg, after all. But that doesn't make working on "That's My Boy" anything less of a dream come true for Samberg. As part of our Sneak Peek Week leading up to the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday (June 3), Samberg and his "That's My Boy" co-stars joined together onstage to praise the work of Sandler, one of the Lonely Island frontman's comedy heroes.

"It was awesome to work on this," he said. "It was a full-tilt dream come true for me to be asked to do it."

Co-star Will Forte agreed, saying, "It was such a wonderful set, because Adam, who's also one of my comedy heroes, tells you exactly what he wants, then he lets you discover stuff on your own too. He points you in the right direction. He's so amazing to work with."

Amazing, yes, but vulgar too. Make no mistake: "That's My Boy" is a hard R packed to the gills with beer, bongs, boobs and bad language. "It is a dirty movie. It's a raunchy movie," Forte said. "If you've seen previews for the movie, then you have no idea what it's about, because they need to take five seconds here and five seconds there. ... It's a dirty movie."

It's not just comedy veterans like Sandler, Samberg and Forte who get dirty in "That's My Boy" either. Even Grammy-nominated singer Ciara was allowed to get in on the fun, and she said she's walking away from the Sandler experience with a desire to pursue further acting adventures.

"It was so much fun. This crew is so hilarious," she said. "From this experience, I want to do so much more. I'm determined to do more."

As for what Samberg took away from working with Ciara? "She taught me so many dance moves," he quipped.

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