AFi 7th Anniversary Scoop Week Day 6 – Mattel’s JLU Mongol (And More)

As it’s turns out we have a bit more anniversary stuff than we can squeeze into one week.  We have this entry below and several interviews we still need so get to, and there might be one more surprise his week if we can pull it together.



This isn’t a full on “scoop”… more like a surprise.  It’s been a tough year for Justice League Unlimited fans with a lot of ups and downs.   The downs have been around the line ending this year.  The ups were that a new management team came in a agreed to release all the tail-end JLU figures that it looked like we weren’t going to get, and not just the  ones we were announced at shows, but the last two – Dr. Destiny and Firefly, who were never officially announced, and had only popped up as test shots on Ebay.   We are getting every JLU figure that was designed and sculpted, released  to us in three packs through this year.   Big win for JLU fans.
Fans were very happy…. but there were two things they still wanted – a rerelease of the very hard to find Volcana figure, and a change to the skin color of Mongol to make him screen accurate.   We were told neither could happen.   Volcana couldn’t happen because there was no 3-pack to put her in, and all the other sets had been designed and locked.   We were told Mongol couldn’t be changed because there were no additional development dollars available to make changes to the paint job.  What we saw was what we were getting.
As you will recall we’ve seen Mongol appear at Toy Fair 2 years in a row.  And fans have been talking about his incorrect skin color for that long.  As you can see by this picture his paint job for his skin is very pink.
Even as recently as February at the Mattel Toy Fair collectors press event, when it was announced we would be getting the tail-enders, we asked if there was any chance that a color change could be made before these went into production.   Scott, looked around the room for one the designers, who answered back that, no.  It was too late to make any kind of change.
There’s still no Volcana on the horizon.
BUT… somehow Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich and his team managed to pull one more rabbit out of the hat for Mongol!
Now we are proud to be able to reveal the corrected yellow skinned Mongol that we will be getting!
You asked for it, Mattel listened, checked into it and made it happen!  Thanks Team JLU for this last rally!
AND as an added bonus we also have carded images of the Aquagirl, Micron and Static 3-pack -
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