AFi – First Look – Mattel’s 4″ Young Justice Artemis

This week we’ll be taking a look at the newest additions to the 4″ Young Justice Line from Mattel.  Artemis is part of the new wave of single carded figures that will be shipping soon.  This new wave is a four figure wave with two members of the Young Justice team (Robin and Artemis) and two members of the Justice League (Superman and Hal Jordan Green Lantern).   These new singles do NOT have a collect-and-connect element to them like the original twelve figures in the line with the Hall of Justice pieces.  As a result, Mattel has reduced the size of the packaging to be similar to the JLU single figure package.  All figures in this wave come with a red tinted stand.

Artemis is the second teen in the heroes line, just behind Miss Martian who was in the most recent wave of 2-packs.  It seems that the girls are getting the most new parts only sharing a torso.  Artemis has different boots and gloves from Miss Martian and Mattel gave them both that. Artemis has a new head, arms, legs and quiver piece.  She has a new bow accessory that is accurate to the one she uses on the show.  To Mattel’s credit they did not reuse the bow from the YJ Speedy or any from JLU.   With 5 points of articulation it’s hard to get any sort of accurate or interesting action poses with the bow, but that’s been the norm since the early days of the JLU line and Hasbro’s Animated Batman line before it.


This sample was provided by Mattel.

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