AFi -First Look – Mattel’s 4″ Young Justice Green Lantern

This week we’ll be taking a look at the newest additions to the 4″ Young Justice Line from Mattel.  Green Lantern is part of the new wave of single carded figures that will be shipping soon.  This new wave is a four figure wave with two members of the Young Justice team (Robin and Artemis) and two members of the Justice League (Superman and Hal Jordan Green Lantern).   These new singles do NOT have a collect-and-connect element to them like the original twelve figures in the line with the Hall of Justice pieces.  As a result, Mattel has reduced the size of the packaging to be similar to the JLU single figure package.  All figures in this wave come with a red tinted stand.

Green Lantern is sculpted on the adult buck, with a new head as the only new part needed. All costume elements are achieved with paint including his power ring.  I’m a little surprised they just call him “Green Lantern” on the package instead of Hal Jordan since they have established there are three Green Lanterns on Earth in the show’s continuity.   John Stewart and Guy Gardner are also Green Lanterns though neither have had speaking roles on the show as of this writing.   The figure does have the “hand of justice” that has become (in)famous for this line of figures.  It’s that weird, upturned web-shooter hand that the sculptor put in this line as his “signature” it seems.  Because it was sculpted into the original buck we will see it in the line for the foreseeable  future.

The other unique thing about Green Lantern is that he has never had a kid sidekick.  I doubt they would create one for him, but that can make him odd-man-out sometimes when heroes are paired up with their sidekicks.

Green Lantern also comes with a morning star (spiked ball on a chain) construct as his accessory.  This construct is recycled from Mattel’s “Justice League Unlimited” line.  It was originally sculpted to fit on a JLU fist, but it still works for the YJ Hand of Justice.  Some of the constructs from Mattel’s 4″ ‘Green  Lantern‘ movie line will also work with this YJ figure.  He does not include a lantern/power battery.

This wave should be hitting stores in the next few week.

The sample was provided by Mattel.

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