AFI First Look – Mattel’s DC Universe Signature Collection – Metron

We are just a few months away from the one year anniversary of Mattel’s announcement at San Diego Comic Con 2011 that heralded the end of DC Universe Classics and the launch of the DC Universe “Club Infinite Earths’ subscription program.  Most fans bought into the sub in July of last year and are anxious to see the reward for their faith in the sub on their shelves.  With the subscription the name of the line has changed from “DC Universe Classics” to “DC Universe Signature Collection” so we went from DCSH to DCUC to DCSC.  Another  change is that the figures now come boxed instead of carded, which may disappoint MOC collectors.   The boxes feature a new painting of each character on one side panel and the back.   The bio information on the back has changed a bit from the DCUC cards. Gone is the list of powers and first appearances and now there is just a regular bio.

Metron is not only the bonus figure that is only available to subscribers, but herth  is also the first oversized figure in the sub.  Metron ships on an oversized box that’s double the size of the regular box and ships in a white mailer box. Metron uses the standard medium buck with new hands and a new head.   He has the standard DCUC articulation.

Metron comes from Kirby’s Fourth World and is the creator of their “boom tube” technology.  He is neither good nor evil and exists mostly as an observer, traveling through time and space in his Mobius Chair.

Metron’s Mobius Chair comes unassembled in 2 pieces and snaps  together easily.  There is detail on every surface of the chair including the bottom.  AND it actually has one point of articulation!  The disk on top spins!


Recently Mattel announced that the sub was bumped back a month and the first figure will now ship in May, instead of April.  Metron should be shipping to to subscribers in June.

This sample was provided by Mattel

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