AFi First Look – MOTUC 30th Anniversary – The Mighty Spector

The MOTUC 30th Anniversary line has been a bit controversial in its introduction, and it has taken a while for some fans to warm up to it.   The original premise that Mattel put together for the 30th line was to approach big name creators in the worlds of comics, toys, movies and TV that were childhood fans of He-man to take a stab at creating characters in that universe.   Unfortunately that didn’t come to pass, as almost all of the creators approached wanted money and/or rights/royalties to any characters they would have created.   The exceptions were DC’s Geoff Johns and The Four Horsemen.  That left several slots left open.  That’s how we got “The Mighty Spect0r.”

The Mighty Spector is a character created back in the 80′s by MOTUC brand manager Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich as his submission into the MOTU “Create A Character” contest. The contest that Fearless Photog went on to win.    Some fans think Scott has overstepped his bounds by putting his own creation in the line.  Some fans think his time traveling super-spy is out of place and doesn’t fit into this universe of anthropomorphic mosquitoes, transforming rock men, and firemen with mechanical elephant heads. And some fans think it’s a great Cinderella story of a life long fan of the line growing up, getting a job in the field, climbing the ladder of success to run the Renaissance of the toy line they loved and can now see the crayon sketch they did 30 years ago finally become articulated plastic.  I fall firmly in the last camp.  One of us, collectors, fans… made it.  To the top.  To where a lot of us wish we could be some day.  One of us broke through at one of the 800 lbs juggernauts.   That’s no small task, and Scott is one of the small handful of guys that are carrying the MOTU torch at Mattel.   A little collector line like that with numbers as few as the make, shouldn’t be given any resources at a company as big as Mattel.   But Scott and his team have shepherded it into profitability so much so that it is approved to keep going year after year.

Last week Mattel posted a great interview with Scott that gave fans a little more insight into the character as well as some new fan art of the character.   You can read that here.

Ready to clean evil’s clock at a moment’s notice, King He-Man’s Time Agent dedicates his life to defending the royal household and protecting the time stream during the Eternian Time Wars. The third figure in the MOTU 30th anniversary Series, this all-new character is designed by Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich and sculpted by The Four Horsemen. With these accessories, he fights the good fight whenever, wherever he’s needed.

I think my favorite detail on the figure is the missing plasma pellet on his thigh bandolier… it gives the character more of a story with the idea of “one in the chamber.”   Spector also has some  Kirby-esque circuitry on his harness.   He has the standard MOTUC articulation.  He comes with Cosmic key wrist controller, plasma knife and his blaster.

You can get your own “heroic master of time” starting at noon (est) tomorrow on


This sample was provided by Mattel.

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