AFi – First Look – TRU Times Square Avengers Display and Loki’s Army!

Over night a team from Marvel went into the ‘Toys R Us’ in Times Square and set up this incredible display.  AFi reader Martin AKA Martymar160 was kind enough to snap these great pictures and send them to us.   The TRU in Time Square is know for it’s incredible toy displays and this one is no exception.  It also gives us ur very first look at Loki’s army which has been shrouded in secrecy since the announcement of the project and have only recently been seen in fleeting glances in the most recent trailers.  This is the debut of the figures for Loki’s army.

Of course you also get to see the full roster of Avengers fighting the good fight with the help of their Quinnjet and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Heilicarier.  No detail was spared in making this display, just look at the firing rockets, Hulk flying through the air mid-smash and the tiny copy of the Daily Bugle.

You can see this fantastic display starting today at the Toys R Us in Times Square NYC.

Thanks again to Martin for sending us the images!

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