AFi &th Anniversary Scoop Week – Day 3 – NECA – Night Fighter Robocop


I know some fans get bent out of shape about figure variants, repaints and glow-in-the-dark figures, but they are very much a part of action figure history and they aren’t going anywhere. And when they are done correctly they can be an awesome addition to your collection.


NECA has let us reveal an awesome exclusive that will bring a smile to the faces of anyone collecting toys in the late 80′s….
We give you first the look at Night Fighter Robocop!  At first glance it just looks like a glow-in-the-dark variant, but when you take it all in you realize it is an awesome homage to the classic Kenner Robocop line of the late 1980s!


Take a look at that packaging! Everything about it is a call back to the look of the Robocop: Ultra Police line, from the painting on the front, the design of the back, the red grid on the chip, even the slug line “Nothing Can Stop… ROBOCOP!” And look at that Kenner-esqe NECA logo – brilliant!


This figure will be exclusive to Toys R Us stores later this Summer, more details on this and other NECA exclusives in the coming weeks.   You see them here and on NECA’s official Twitter account and Facebook page.
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