AFi’s “Ask Matty” Mattel Q&A Answers for March 15th, 2012

Twice a month the gang from Mattel are kind enough to answer five questions from AFi readers.  The Mattel marketing and PR team, have replied with the answers to our latest round of questions that AFi readers have posted in our forums.

If you have post-Toy Fair questions make sure to post them in the thread for the next round.

Let’s get to the questions and the answers!

Q1.  At Toy Fair, it was said that there would not be another 12 pack of the Legion of Super-Heroes due to the amount of time and resources it would involve. However, I believe I read that there were other figures in the works. Can you speak to that? Any thoughts of 2 or 3 packs? I love the 12 pack, but there’s so many more that we need!

A1. Yes. That is a fair assessment. While this item was a hit, it threw such a wrench into our schedule that is wound up delaying a lot of other product that needed resources too!


Q2.  What is the timetable for Voltron Force toys? And what VF product will be available?

A2. At this time we are not ready to announce any retail commitments. We are still working with our retail partners on launching Voltron Force toys.


Q3.  When will we begin to see packaging for the new DC All-Stars retail line?

A3. Hopefully in the next few months. The line is actually being reworked still and the line up is changing. We will have more details as soon as they are available. Club Infinite Earths on will not be changing. That is still going forward.


Q4. Thanks very much for releasing the final JLU 3 packs! Will there be some way that we can have all of them ship together to save some money, either through a preorder or a bundle pack of all of them? Shipping can add almost 25% to the total cost, so saving on this would make me much more likely to get all of the packs. I would really appreciate an option like that. Thanks again!

A4. We will be releasing them one month at a time.


Q5. I know that JLU is over and that the last 3-packs will be the end.  But with the release of the last 3-packs (with the last being released in Dec 2012) Mattel will have been making JLU/JL figures for 10 YEARS.   That is NO SMALL FEAT!   I know it won’t happen, but IF Mattel we able to do a “victory lap” and release one more JLU “10th Anniversary” figure who would you and the rest of the JLU design team pick?

A5. From Toy Guru: “If we were going to do one last figure and had all the tooling in the world, I would love to do either Granny Goodness or Jonah Hex. But that is just me personally. We got to most of my other “wants” such as Blackhawk, Amanda Waller and the Question already! But I can confirm no additonal figures are in the works. These last packs are it!”


If you’d like to ask a question for the  April 1st submission then feel free to post your questions in our Mattel Q&A question submissions thread!   Remember they can be about any Mattel product including MOTUC, Ghostbusters,WWE any of the Mattel DC lines, Voltron and Cars. Twice a month we draw our submission question directly from the ones that AFi readers post. 

You can submit new questions in this thread.

You can find our past Q&A’s here.  And you can discuss the answers on our Mattel board.

Thanks again to the team at Mattel for taking time to answer our questions!

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