AFi’s “Ask Matty” Mattel Q&A Answers for May 15th, 2013

MattyAFiLogoTwice a month the gang from Mattel are kind enough to answer five questions from AFi readers.  The Mattel marketing and PR team, have replied with the answers to our latest round of questions that AFi readers have posted in our forums.


Q1.  Any chance of some proper 1/18 scale figures loosely based on Arrow? (like maybe Huntress?)

A1.  Nothing planned at this time  but you never know. We do love the show!


Q2.  With the “Man of Steel” movie coming out, could we see Superman related Hotwheels: *Supermobile, *Kal-El Space Rocket, *Superman Godfall Motorcycle?

A2.  A cool idea. We’ll pass this along to our wheels team and partners in Hot Wheels.


Q3.  Are there plans in place to reveal the Beware the Batman line at SDCC? Not the already known Bats Unlimited versions, but a stand alone BtB line?

A3.  You’ll have to wait and see!


Q4.  Will there be any Mattel products for the newly announced Batman: Arkham Origins game? Such as Black Mask or Deathstroke?

A4.  You’ll have to wait and see!


Q5.  Will we hear anything about what your plans are with all the other create a character entries at sdcc?

A5.  No. We do have plans in place but this will not be revealed for a little bit longer.

If you’d like to ask a question for the  June 15th submission then feel free to post your questions in our Mattel Q&A question submissions thread!   Remember they can be about any Mattel product including MOTUC, Ghostbusters, WWE, any of the Mattel DC lines, Voltron and Cars. Twice a month we draw our submission question directly from the ones that AFi readers post.

You can submit new questions in this thread.

Thanks again to the team at Mattel for taking time to answer our questions!

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