Album Premiere: For The Foxes, ‘The Revolution’ EP

For The Foxes

Prepare your ears to hear For the Foxes' debut EP.

The first time's the charm for For The Foxes. The Barnegat, New Jersey trio's self-titled debut EP is six tracks of totally iPod-worthy pop-rock, full of big hooks and speeding-bullet guitars. The band's range is massive, too: Opening track "Sinking Like A Stone" starts out as a sensitive piano ballad before rocketing into an assault, while the raging chorus of "The Revolution" was made to scream along with on the Warped Tour... and all the rest of the summer, too.

Listen to For The Foxes The Revolution EP after the jump.

Singer Nick Dungo, whom we last saw tearing it up in the "The Revolution" video, isn't afraid to get into serious-feelings territory: He and the band show their softer sides on "The River," which tosses out the amps and rhythm section and finds Dungo telling the touching tale of a long-distance relationship: "We don't say goodbye, so we'll just say good night," he croons over a solo piano. Bet you a buck he'd watch "The Notebook" with us and pass the Kleenex without us even having to ask. But the upbeat EP ends things on a less tearful note, with closing track "Easy Way" blasting off with ska-inspired horns.

The Revolution hits stores on April 24 on Hopeless Records, but we're giving you a head start: Listen to the entire album now.







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