Album Premiere: New Politics, ‘A Bad Girl In Harlem’

Stream New Politics' brand-new album "A Bad Girl In Harlem."

New Politics explore single life in NYC on their sophomore release.

Copenhagen rock trio New Politics are naturally gifted at getting hearts racing -- just reference their shouty, high-energy tracks like "Yeah Yeah Yeah" and "Nuclear War." Heck, listen to their entire 2010 self-titled debut while you're at it, which comes packed with shrieking punk-tinged auditory references to Beastie Boys, Rage Against The Machine, The Hives, and Thirty Seconds To Mars. Now, after spending a few years in New York City and releasing their rowdy garage rock anthem "Harlem" last November, New Politics are gearing up to drop a brand-new album, A Bad Girl In Harlem, which you can listen to in full before its release.

Listen to New Politics' A Bad Girl In Harlem after the jump.

As might be the case with any new-to-NYC bands, New Politics' time on the East Coast -- in hipster paradise Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to be exact -- takes center stage in David Boyd, Søren Hansen, and Louis Vecchio's latest disc. Largely about David's newly single life and outlook, Harlem revisits NYC's historic upper district on its second track, and moves on to contemplate Euro-homesickness and possibly a long-distance relationship in the third track, a "whoa-oh-oh"/hand-clapping pop anthem called "Berlin." "I miss you, Berlin/ The taste still lingers on/ I hope we meet again, I hope it won't be long," cries Boyd. We know you're homesick, guys, but we DO hope you'll stick around the States a little longer. If it helps, I have some cute, single friends on speed dial!

A Bad Girl In Harlem streets May 21 on RCA Records. Stream it below!

+ Listen to New Politics' A Bad Girl In Harlem.

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