Alice Eve Offers Hint To Her ‘Star Trek 2’ Role

'The Raven' actress reveals to MTV News she spends 'a healthy amount of time in the makeup chair — though not as long as Spock.'
By Kara Warner

Alice Eve
Photo: MTV News

Much like the lock and key that all "Star Trek" plot details were kept under during filming the first time around, the same goes for the untitled "Trek" sequel. We know which key players are back in place, alongside new additions Benedict Cumberbatch, as the unidentified villain, and actress Alice Eve, but we don't know exactly how the sequel's story will unfold.

When MTV News caught up with Eve recently during the press day for her upcoming period thriller "The Raven," we attempted to find out a few more details about what character she might be playing in asking how long she spends in the makeup chair each day before filming.

"I'm a healthy amount of time in the makeup chair — though not as long as Spock," Eve revealed. "We were filming until very late last night, and I know that's all I can say. It's a top-secret operation; it's like a war."

Although Eve is new to the "Trek" family, two of her co-stars are very familiar faces, Cumberbatch and Simon Pegg, with whom Eve worked on "Starter for 10" and "Big Nothing," respectively. When asked how the reunion has been, Eve broke out into a wide grin, saying, "Both of them I've worked with before, and it's a true, true pleasure to see them again. Really fun."

Eve went on to tease that her fans will be surprised by "a few things" about her performance in the film and re-emphasized the fact that she's having a blast on set. "I'm having a lot of fun, and it's a very special experience to be on J.J.'s [Abrams] movies," she said. "He's a real good leader."

The British beauty has equated the atmosphere on set with going to camp or school. "When there's a group of people who you can spend time with and work with and get to know, a real good experience, it's kind of like going back to university or something, when everyone has got the same objective," Eve told MTV News. "There's a lot of energy, and it's a nice thing to be a part of that group. That's the thing that excites me most about it. Obviously, there is a huge legacy there with 'Star Trek' and the fanatics, so hopefully they'll be satisfied."

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