Aliens Invade Earth?! No prob. MIMOBOT Has Mass Effect!

It’s happened. The darkest fears of humanity realized. Earth has been conquered by an ancient alien race. The Reapers. And the name ain’t a coincidence…

Good thing you’ve got all your important digital data stored on your MIMOBOT flash drive, and doubly awesome that your MIMO is one of three brand-new Mass Effect 3 MIMOBOT designs!


Mass Effect 3 is one of the coolest interactive video games out there. With a unique ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ narrative structure and mind-bending graphics and battle scenarios, Mass Effect 3 is pushing gaming forward. This ain’t no Donkey Kong! (no offense Donkey & Diddy & King, we still love you)

Mimoco has teamed-up with Bioware to release exclusive editions of  the very blue and very ass-kicking Liara MIMOBOT, Commander Shep MIMOBOT (with removable helmet), and a top secret character!  Available in up to 16GBs of Earth-saving goodness and available only at Bioware!

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