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GameSpot held our first-ever mobile gaming show, Swipe, on September 8, bringing you new trailers, gameplay footage, and reveals from some of the biggest games on both iOS and Android. We saw plenty of AAA franchises featured during the presentation, including Call of Duty, The Lord of the Rings, The Division, and PUBG Mobile, as well as a selection of games from smaller indie developers that look just as exciting and inventive. We even have a few very unexpected announcements, a new look at a port of one of the most popular first-person shooters of all time, and the addition of a new mode to one of the best beat-'em-up games on mobile.

You should definitely watch the full show to see everything, including full trailers for all of the games below, as well as some interviews with developers to discuss what went into the projects. But if you want a one-stop spot to learn about all the news, we've got you covered as well. These were the games featured during the GameSpot Swipe Mobile Showcase, as well as the biggest news announced for them. Mobile players have it very good right now, and we're very excited to see what the future holds for these little (and not so little) portable games!

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

The long-in-development new mobile Call of Duty game, previously known as Project Aurora, now has an official name. Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is coming from Activision's Solid State Studios, and unlike the already available Call of Duty Mobile, it will be exclusively focused on battle royale. The news should help tide you over until September 15's Call of Duty Next event, where we'll also learn more on Warzone 2.0 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

PUBG Mobile

One of the biggest games showcased at Swipe was PUBG Mobile, which continues to get bigger and better with new content updates. Among the biggest upcoming additions is the NUSA map, which features a variety of named locales like Love Island and Regal Resort. But don't expect it to be a vacation, because people are definitely still trying to shoot you in the face.

The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth

Middle-earth fans are eating well lately, as in addition to upcoming games like The Lord of the Rings: Gollum and the Rings of Power streaming series, they're also getting the turn-based strategy game Heroes of Middle-earth. Releasing via Electronic Arts and launching soon on iOS and Android, the game features some of the biggest characters in Tolkien's universe, including Gandalf, Aragorn, and the embodiment of evil: Sauron.

Argent Twilight: Secret of the Dark Orbs

The latest game from Nexon, famous for the long-running MapleStory MMO, Argent Twilight: Secret of the Dark Orbs is a very different kind of RPG. A hero-collection game with more than 300 to choose from and a strategic combat system, Argent Twilight is planned to release in early 2023 and also includes a PvP league and fully-animated cutscenes rendered in Unreal Engine 4. For further customization, you can even fuse together different artifacts and try out heroes' elemental variants.

KartRider: Drift

Alongside its release on consoles and PC, Nitro Studios' new game KartRider: Drift is coming to both iOS and Android. The free-to-play game features cross-play and progression, meaning you'll be able to enjoy it on a big screen at home and pick up right where you left off on the go. Three game modes are included, including a more party-friendly Item Mode and the Speed Mode for dedicated racers. More carts and other options will be added over time, though the game's final release date has not yet been announced.

Garena Free Fire

Mobile battle royale game Garena Free Fire was featured during GameSpot Swipe, and not only did we get a look at the Elite Pass content coming to the game, but also a tease of a new character. Now running for five years, Garena Free Fire continues to evolve, and if you like sharks, the Megajaw Tormenter and Megafin Taunter bundles coming to the game should make you very happy.

Iron Marines Invasion

Out now on iOS and Android, Iron Marines Invasion was featured during Swipe. The fast-moving strategy game features 25 different worlds to explore and a customizable cast of characters you can send into combat as you try to maintain a fragile peace in the galaxy. The game features large battles against standard enemies as well as special boss encounters versus giant monsters, and you'll have to think on your feet in order to get your crew out alive.


We only just got our cartoony paws on the train puzzler Railbound, but the dog-starring game is getting more free content in 2022. As seen in its presentation during GameSpot Swipe, new puzzles will be coming as well as a semaphore system for more intricate and challenging puzzles. As of now, there are already more than 100 different puzzles in the game.

Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 was already on mobile devices, but it was missing a very important feature: multiplayer. Well, it was missing this feature, as the game's next big update arrives September 13 and finally adds multiplayer. The update will make every mode co-op compatible, and there is also a PvP mode coming so you can prove you're the best beat-'em-upper of your friend group.

The Division Resurgence

GameSpot spoke to The Division Resurgence executive producer Fabrice Navrez as part of our Swipe stream, and we learned how the game will help to bridge the gap between the first and two console/PC games. Starting prior to the events of the original game, which was set in New York City, it will then move to a period between the first and second game--still in New York City, showing what happened before the agents converged on Washington, DC. We also got a look at a few of the classes available in the closed alpha, including the heavy Demolitionist and the tank-like Bulwark.

Rainbow Six Mobile

It won't be long before we can play the closed beta for Rainbow Six Mobile. Based on Rainbow Six Siege, the multiplayer shooter got a teaser trailer during GameSpot Swipe ahead of a larger reveal coming during this Saturday's Ubisoft Forward presentation. The trailer showed off five-on-five combat, just like in the original Rainbow Six Siege, and we got a look at the Clubhouse map. The game looks to be a very faithful recreation of the console and PC game, right down to the destructible environments and many of the playable characters.

Total War: Medieval II

The mobile version of Total War: Medieval II is getting bigger with the launch of the Kingdoms expansion, giving players access to 400 years of history and conflict across civilizations like the Mayans, Apacheans, and Teutonic Knights. The base game is available on mobile for $15, and there will be a bundle available for new players when the expansion is released. As of now, it doesn't have a release date or price, however, but will be on iOS and Android.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is already one of the very best games you can play on mobile--and frankly, pretty much any system. With a new update, it's getting a whole lot more content, including The Bank biome, which sees you literally taking out a loan and trying to pay it back before you reach the end. The free update also includes more accessibility changes so more people can play, as well as more balancing updates that buff damage for certain weapons. As a bonus, for one week, the game will be available at a 50% discount when the new update arrives.

Little Nightmares

Boo! Did we scare you? Sorry, that was just a little nightmare, and Little Nightmares is coming to mobile! Available on both iOS and Android this winter, the game is available to preorder right now and is a direct port of the acclaimed original game. Even better? It comes with all three DLC updates that released after the game launched, so you can play the full Little Nightmares experience from the very beginning.

Devolver Tumble Time

Devolver Digital's Devolver Tumble Time was showcased during Swipe, and as the new teaser trailer jokes, it's a "for profit" game that's also free to play. Make of that what you will, but know that it's going all-in on Devolver's own weird universe, even including several Devolver characters like the fictional executive Fork Parker. The game also got a release window during the presentation: You'll be able to go full-speed into Devolver's bizarre puzzler universe in early 2023.

Tower of Fantasy

The recently announced Vera expansion for Tower of Fantasy was featured in a new trailer during Swipe, and we got a look at how Mirroria will function as a hub city within the cyberpunk locale. Much like Night City in Cyberpunk 2077, it's located within a massive desert, and there are several different ways to traverse the environment--including riding a train or taxi. Naturally, the expansion also comes with plenty of new weapons to use and enemies to use them on.

Tower of God: Great Journey

Tower of God: Great Journey is finally coming to the West this winter after previously being available in Korea, and you'll be able to play it on both iOS and Android. The gacha role-playing game doesn't have a final date yet, but it'll be in both North America and Europe, and we got a new trailer showing off gameplay to celebrate the window.

Cookie Run: Kingdom and Brixity

Devsisters brought plenty of goodies to Swipe, showing off a new character in Cookie Run: Kingdom called Candy Diver Cookie. The cookie creature's diving helmet is filled with soda water, and if that's not weird enough for you, there are also a whole bunch of Disney characters coming to the game in October. Devsisters also showed off the new game Brixity, a strange post-apocalyptic management game that sees humanity preparing to return to a long-abandoned Earth.

NBA 2K Mobile

Need more NBA 2K Mobile action? We've got good news for you, as a new 5-versus-5 Tourney mode is coming to the game, along with a new 3-on-3 court and more customization options for your players. It's all part of Season 5, a big overhaul for the game that will update the game's UI to make it less frustrating to just get into a game and ball out.

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